Working Positively to Pursue a Dream: The Making of Turtle Sprint

As featured on Gamasutra. Captivated by games since our respective childhoods, my husband and I began a journey to make meaningful games. Thus NDXP Games, our two-person team, was born. With previous backgrounds in Information Technology and Business Development, we have learned heaps about game-making—and ourselves—during this year long process. We have loved this experience […]

Tips & Tricks for Playing Turtle Sprint

Whether you are reading this ahead of time (before Turtle Sprint’s release) or you’re playing Turtle Sprint and having a hard time moving the turtles around, we want to take a moment to share some tips from our own (rather extensive) play experience. The screen and your hands are clean. Finger movement must be quick […]

FAQ for Turtle Sprint

Send us your questions and you might find them posted here! Q: Why is Turtle Sprint only available on iPad? A: The current Apple iPad models on the market use two screen sizes (1024 x 768 and 2048 x 1536), which helps to simplify the app development process (e.g. coding bugs, art assets). Alternatively, the Android tablets currently […]