Yeeeah! “Thank You!” Shoutout

Built for the iPad. Sand not included.

When a project—dear to our hearts—is completed, we feel as if we might burst at the seams with gratitude! With the conclusion of Turtle Sprint, we wish to express our most genuine thankfulness to the amazing individuals who have supported us along the way. Your invaluable feedback and support really helped us to improve this first game.

First, thank you to each and everyone one of you who has played Turtle Sprint. Your interest in and support of our game—and our dream to make meaningful games—is invaluable. 

Where would we be without our play testers? These people took time out of their day to play Turtle Sprint through different stages of its development.

George Katsaros
Good friend and fellow indie developer, George has been an endless source of humor, inspiration, and wit. His work can be seen on his website.

Maddy, Gracie, and Ellie
Our beautiful trio of fun nieces played during a family dinner and had some great suggestions that we implemented.

Clayton Cantwell
Clayton first tried Turtle Sprint while it was in its initial stage and even did us the favor of completing a survey to see if the survey method would be worthwhile for this game’s play testing.

Next up, we’ve had the pleasure to work with some friends & family who happen to be (or make) fantastic content editors. They’ve read through the initial (and terrible) versions of Turtle Tidbits and press release drafts.

Helen Park
Nefer’s wonderful mom, a woman who is forever young at heart. With her inclination for adventure and DIY creativity, she travels to volcanic sites in her self-modified camper van with her beloved dogs. Visit her travel blog.

Jack Park
Jack (Nefer’s super neato dad) has delved into machine learning, artificial intelligence, medicine—the list is endless. Founder of TopicQuests, this guy is on a mission to improve the world by building a framework to facilitate knowledge federation and collective intelligence.

AJ Evert
This dude has been a copywriter for companies like Indiegogo and Nike. Thoughtful, quirky, and fun with an inclination for grammatical correctness, we had the opportunity to work with him during our time at Apple. View his portfolio.

Tiara Dees
Armed with an abundance of creativity and the energy to match, Tiara is a huge Zelda fan with tons of marketing and PR ideas for video games and gamers.

Gabby Taylor
Gabby read over the original draft of Turtle Tidbits and suggested the use of analogies so concepts of size and weight would be easier for all ages to comprehend. Not only is Gabby a writer, she’s also an artist and game designer.

The adventure of making our first game has resulted in an extraordinary sense of accomplishment! We went through so many thoughts and emotions, especially when we weren’t meeting our development timeline. These people helped us get through the ups and downs of indie development. Here’s a special thanks to each of you, who offered and continue to offer continuous encouragement, support, and laughter!

Our Parents

Bud & Marcy Doane
Jack Park
Helen Park

Throughout our lives, they have asked us to realize our dreams and to work hard to make them a reality. When we introduced our dream of making games together, their positivity and support were (and continue to be) priceless.

John Park
The best brother a sister could ask for! Supporting the notion that his sister would want to make games in this male dominant industry, he’s been an awesome source of support and inspiration. As a talented 3D Artist and a completely awesome dude, that means a lot to us. View his portfolio here.

Morgan Phillips
A close friend, her empathy and patience were mental and emotional boosters for us! With a keen eye for aesthetics, Morgan quickly recommended changes that made Turtle Sprint even more attractive and intuitive. Even better? We were all hanging out in Alaska when this went down. Follow her sewing and product projects here.

Arif Qazi
Arif is that guy who becomes family before you know what happened. He also happens to be a talented illustrator with unique bold art. His non-stop positivity and perspectives have been like a breath of fresh air.

Linda Park
Jack’s wife. For being totally open to the idea of us crashing at their place in the wee hours of the morning during a game jam, the endless supply of the food, the biggest house cat we’ve seen, and her happy words of encouragement!

George Katsaros
We mentioned George up above and we’ll do it again! He’s a super cool dude.

Finally, we incorporate elements of real world content in all of our games—usually inspired by our firsthand adventures. Turtle Sprint features a section within our game called Turtle Tidbits—an easy learning resource to learn about the world’s sea turtles! Turtle Tidbits was made possible by the published sea turtle research publications and correspondence from the following organizations:

National Geographic
One of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations, the National Geographic Society funds several hundred research, conservation, and exploration projects around the world on an annual basis.

World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)
WWF is one of the world’s largest independent conservation organizations with its origins beginning in 1961. They develop strong partnerships with governments, businesses, communities, and academia to drive change and promote conservation initiatives.

Maui Ocean Center
The Maui Ocean Center is the largest tropical aquarium in the western hemisphere. All of the marine life at the center, from the coral to the sharks, are cared for by an expert team of marine biologists, divers, and aquarists.

The .gov sites below provide research publications on the state of the ocean, medicine, and biotechnology. We referenced several articles on the effects that certain sunscreen ingredients have on coral, an essential part of the sea turtle’s survival.

NOAA’s National Ocean Service and National Institutes of Health

NCBI & NLM’s Environmental Health Perspectives

Download Turtle Sprint from the Apple App Store, beginning August 12th!

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  1. Marcy

    August 2, 2015 at 8:39pm

    I’m so happy that you two have reached your first major goal. I hope all your dreams come true and feel privileged that I can be even a tiny part of those dreams. Love you always.

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