Publications by NDXP Games

We are happy to share our thoughts and learns on various subjects on our experience with the game development process from conception to post-game release. Please feel free to browse through our publications at your convenience. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on any of these topics. Publications are listed in order of appearance […]

Google AdMob implementation with GameMaker: Studio

Introduction Here at NDXP Games, we recently finished development on Turtle Sprint and received approval from the Apple App Store to publish the game, which will go live on Wednesday, August 12, 2015! We chose to monetize our game using in-app advertisements. Turtle Sprint was made with GameMaker: Studio, an IDE we have become quite […]

GameMaker Studio Object Distance, PT2

Hello everyone and thanks for joining us for Part 2 of our exploration of GameMaker Studio object positioning and distance measurement. If you missed Part 1, it can be easily summarized: •    We’ve been programming an “aggro radius” for one of our objects •    Iteration of the code has led to a version that almost […]


GameMaker Studio Object Distance, PT 1

For our first game, I’ve been able to complete much of the initial prototype programming using GameMaker Studio’s built-in drag-and-drop code widgets. The majority of objects in our game move in pre-determined patterns… simple, right? It got tricky when I created a new object that has a “seek and destroy within x aggro radius” behavior. […]