Yeeeah! “Thank You!” Shoutout

TURTLE SPRINT Built for the iPad. Sand not included. When a project—dear to our hearts—is completed, we feel as if we might burst at the seams with gratitude! With the conclusion of Turtle Sprint, we wish to express our most genuine thankfulness to the amazing individuals who have supported us along the way. Your invaluable feedback and support really helped […]


Happy World Oceans Day!

Happy World Oceans Day everyone! We all love the ocean—whether to simply gaze upon from a sandy beach, snorkel, surf, or explore. Here at NDXP Games, we especially love snorkeling and watching sea turtles as they float, graze, and swim at their leisure (as demonstrated by the photo above, taken while we were snorkeling in […]

Technology and Turtles

Whoa! Last week, BBC reported that 3D printing has possibly saved this Loggerhead sea turtle after it was injured by a boat propeller. Technological advancement is just incredible. We wish you the best of luck, Akut-3! Check out this BBC article to read more: