Publications by NDXP Games

We are happy to share our thoughts and learns on various subjects on our experience with the game development process from conception to post-game release. Please feel free to browse through our publications at your convenience. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on any of these topics. Publications are listed in order of appearance […]

5 Chunks of Motivation to Brighten Your Day

Here at ndxp games we’ve hit crunch time — we plan to submit our game to Apple for review… and if everything goes smoothly, we’ll release our game in September! As anyone can guess, we’ve racked up a lot of hours in the past few weeks. As with any time intensive endeavor, game development can […]

GDC 2014

Finding a Game to Play Together: Some Thoughts to Consider

Yeah, yeah, not all girls are gamers. Then again, neither are all guys. A common impression for those who’ve recently met me is that I’m not a gamer. When the subject comes up (usually of my own accord as I enjoy talking about games I’m currently playing), the reaction I receive ranges from “Whoa Nefer, […]